here, kitty kitty

Part two of thoughtless splurging that resulted in new wigs and new lingerie. Her normal ears have been swapped out for these black ones, part of the outfit set. It feels strange to see Valyntine like this, but her faceup and green eyes look so nice with all the black.

volume up

Gosh, it’s been forever! Thanks to thoughtless splurging, Valyntine now has two new wigs and a new set of lingerie. This is one of those wigs. It’s got a lot of body, huh?

soft blue

Clouds in the forecast, but there was enough sun to take some decent photos of Valyntine. Yay! I can tell you now that I’m absolutely in love with my choices. She’s so beautiful, I don’t think I could have done any better!

all together now

Rework of the previous sweater photos — now with her proper ears and tail, and with a slightly (?) better understanding of how to photograph her. But only slightly!

earning wings

A combined update!

R-Jeans by Village Pine have come in, waiting for time to take decent photos of them. Added three new photos showing off Valyntine’s new angel wing tattoos, thanks to my boyfriend! You can sort of see the R-Jeans in those photos. Valyntine will probably live in them unless I buy her something new soon.

Whoo-hoo! Been planning this forever, but I finally finished customizing my Valyntine. She now has furry cat ears and tail, so her photos have been updated. Not too bad for a first try, right?