Returning Miss MiMi (II)

Her head felt a bit bare in the previous set, hence the bunny hat.

Little Bunny CiCi

I went overboard, as always, but who cares. This is a self-indulgent photo set post anyway, so I’ll do what I want. *^^*

Gifts of Autumn


Trio of Girls


Squish the Bun

A little Miss CiCi (Volks YoSD Nico) arrived today~

These are just temporary eyes + the default wig for now; I wanted to see how I felt about her in-person before I started accumulating specific things for her look. She’s cute! A little squash-faced, maybe (from some angles, she reminds me of the old F-07 head!), but adorable nonetheless. So I think she’ll be staying for now.

…She’s Justyn’s, apparently. XD