stay cozy

I wish I had a nice fuzzy sweater like this for myself. Long ago, almost two years ago now, I first ordered the original incarnation of V, and for her first outfit, I received this pretty ensemble from biscuitbear — handknit sweater, cute skirt with appliqued leaves, and a pair of cream tights. V usually doesn’t wear skirts, but this is just such a neat little outfit. She looks so nice and warm.

limited wardrobe

Poor Vincynt, I really need to get him some other clothes to wear. Unfortunately, that’s going to have to wait a good long time with the purchases I’ve been making recently. Well, new clothes or not, this is a new white fur wig made by Cassiel. Her pattern is really nice and fits him so perfectly! Oh, and I went back to sunlight for this. Can you believe it was snowing while I was taking these?

By the way, Vincynt steals everything, doesn’t he? Even Valyntine’s wings! At some point I’d like to get him a pair of black wings, but for now he’s going to borrow hers. Despite the wings, i don’t think he looks all that angelic. Or maybe that’s just because I know what’s he like.

And that last photo? Vincynt made fun of the pink kitty outfit once too often, so V stuck that on his head as payback. Thanks to biscuitbear for knitting it!

all together now

Rework of the previous sweater photos — now with her proper ears and tail, and with a slightly (?) better understanding of how to photograph her. But only slightly!

Hello world!

Because everyone has to start somewhere. For me, this was in 2002 with an MSD Myu (and later an MSD Mika) that didn’t stay long, so we’ll count 2003 as the “true” start of my venture into this hobby.

Originally I planned on getting an F-09 (Leona/Licht mold) head, but the more I saw the F-13/Mimi mold, the more I knew I had to have it.

After seeing a gorgeous F-13 + SD13 combination at the Japanese site “needl waker” (now defunct), I absolutely fell in love and made my decision to order a Full Choice System SD. After waiting almost two months, I was terrified that I had blown far too much money on something I would hate. Yet when I opened her box while on Christmas vacation, it was instant infatuation. I was so happy!