stripes ahoy

Okay, really, who can resist a shirt that says “valentine love” on it?

Justyn had to have it, just so he could tease V by wearing it. The casual look really suits him, and of course that white fur wig is delicious on him. He’s “borrowing” Vincynt’s orange eyes for a while (probably without permission). Shirt and jeans are by CustomHouse.


From these photos, you might not guess that these two aren’t exactly on friendly terms. Heck, they’re even trading wigs and eyes! Justyn, surpisingly, looks a little more angry with those orange eyes, and Vincynt just looks cute with Justyn’s light brown ones. These two are ever so much fun to have together.

first time trio

Don’t even ask me how I got all three to stand up on their own without knocking each other over, because I have no idea! luck, I suppose. Heck, I even managed to get through the entire session with all of them still standing.

Together the three of them make quite the group, especially when dressed alike. All three are wearing jeans and white shirts plus all pairs of black boots are from CustomHouse. Makes me wish I had a bigger platform to set them on and some nifty stands so I could do Charlie’s Angels-type poses.

a kind of uniform

Meep. Vincynt doesn’t seem too happy about Justyn moving into his territory, no matter how friendly the “new guy” is. They look cute together, but who knows what they’re really thinking? Justyn’s wearing his original tux white shirt and a pair of CustomHouse F23 jeans; Vincynt is also wearing his original school shirt and Ajumapama jeans.

…Hmm, that last photo is angled funny, isn’t it? Oh well.

limited wardrobe

Poor Vincynt, I really need to get him some other clothes to wear. Unfortunately, that’s going to have to wait a good long time with the purchases I’ve been making recently. Well, new clothes or not, this is a new white fur wig made by Cassiel. Her pattern is really nice and fits him so perfectly! Oh, and I went back to sunlight for this. Can you believe it was snowing while I was taking these?

By the way, Vincynt steals everything, doesn’t he? Even Valyntine’s wings! At some point I’d like to get him a pair of black wings, but for now he’s going to borrow hers. Despite the wings, i don’t think he looks all that angelic. Or maybe that’s just because I know what’s he like.

And that last photo? Vincynt made fun of the pink kitty outfit once too often, so V stuck that on his head as payback. Thanks to biscuitbear for knitting it!