a new challenger

As had been done with the others previously, Jerolyn arrived and was immediately forced to try on most of the wigs I had (barring the ones the others were wearing!). Only the CH39 seems to suit him, with maybe the silver and black custom wig in second. At some point I’ll have to buy some wigs specifically for him.

screaming pink

Since I don’t have any photos in the gallery of V in this wig (and she was the one I originally bought it for!), I thought I would fix that today.

Methinks the magenta of her wig sort of clashes with the hot pink of her Bobo N Doll shirt, but at the same time it kind of fits in a loud, chaotic sort of way. Cute enough, anyway, and it will have to do until I can find her some new things to wear.

sip of wine

Follow-up on the quick shots I posted in my journal the other day, showing off how sexy Vincynt looks in the wine wig. Paired with Justyn’s tuxedo, he looks almost too aristocratic and snobbish. Methinks as lovely as the wine wig looks on him, he really needs it in black. Ah, but the wavy style is so cute on him.

someday, a prince

When Justyn first arrived, I tried this CustomHouse wine wave wig on him and really liked the results. Unfortunately, V was usually wearing it, and Justyn didn’t really have a decent outfit to match it anyway.

A few weeks ago, I saw this cute shirt on Yahoo!Japan for 1,500 yen and decided to get it for him. It was just dressy enough to match the wig’s look, and I’m so happy that he looks lovely in it! Now I’m really tempted to look for a prince set for him.

imagine a pink

Seems like winter will never end around here, so I talked V into wearing this summery outfit so I can at least imagine it’s almost spring. Both shorts and shirt are by Bobo N Doll. It’s been buried so long in her box of clothes that I almost forgot she owned a hot pink shirt. It clashes a bit with the magenta wine of her wig, but we’ll let her slip by on that one, right?