dual angels 2

The other “dual angels” group, although saying that seems very strange to me. V just doesn’t seem like herself without her cat ears, and that poofy mohair wig… Neither of them have wings, either, for lack of space. Sometime in the future I am going to reshoot this with wings and a better wig for V.

They make a cute couple, although I’m not entirely clear on what their relationship is yet.

dual angels

Dual angels.

sunlit angel

More of angel-version Justyn, just because I can. This time he has the wings I originally bought for V, since Vincynt stole the pair that actually came with this outfit. Sigh. I love this boy.

One of these days, I’m going to get him light blue eyes, dammit. The Antique Rose yellowish eyes are lovely in him, but this outfit practically demands stereotypical blonde hair and blue eyes.

an angel descends

We all knew Justyn would be revealed as an angel someday, didn’t we?

Of the three, I think he’s probably the most angelic. Vincynt is borderline demon, and V… who knows what exactly she is? Bought from a seller on Yahoo!Japan, this outfit isn’t exactly the highest quality, but I think the amateurish look really adds to the “damaged” style. The wings were even included!


I actually ordered this jacket from CustomHouse at the same time I bought Justyn, but for some reason I never took any photos of anyone wearing it. Figured it would look really cute with his cowboy hat (Marlboro Man?), so I took these photos. It was raining today, but I still managed to get some nice ones.

Honestly, Justyn was probably the best impulse buy I’ve ever made. This boy is too handsome for words. He photographs so well!