Heh heh. I’ve wanted a doll to cosplay as my boyfriend’s comic character, Dirk Maximus for ages, but I never got around to purchasing the most essential part of his wardrobe — that distinctive hat.

So for Thanksgiving, I whipped up a rudimentary version of it. It’s a little big, a little floppy, but it actually turned out decent. According to him, Jerolyn makes a good Dirk, too, although I think his face is a little round to be completely true to the character design. Oh well.

all business?

Justyn may be able to pretend that he’s just come home from a hard day’s work at the office, but we all know he’s really just a poser. As V said, Justyn has no clue what a desk job is like. He’ll admit to this, but he says it doesn’t make him look any less sexy with that untied tie.

The tie in question is from a Volks suit; the wig is made by CustomHouse.

taking a break

Who knew Justyn liked to sleep with stuffed kitties?

Isn’t he cute in the leisure pajama set from MHD Designs? Gah, if I had known that I would end up with not one but two boys, I would have ordered another set from them. Anyway, he’s wearing a fur wig from CustomHouse. It’s a gorgeous color and I love the fur, but I like Cassiel’s cap style much better. He looks lovely in this, just don’t take a look from behind…!

wig marathon

Soon after you get a new doll, I think it’s mandatory to try lots of different wigs on them and take photos, even if they look silly in a particular style and color. Thankfully, Justyn is a lot more forgiving about this than Vincynt, who protested about most of the wigs I tried. Justyn was just kind of like “whatever, go ahead.” Cutie, no?

The first five are ones I originally bought for Vincynt; the next four are ones from V’s stash. (CustomHouse was kind enough to put velcro on his head before he reached me, so all of these wigs stay on so nicely.)

As a bonus — no wig at all. Lookee at his cute ears, lips, and bald head!

odd couple

Haven’t taken group photos in a while, so I thought I’d put my V&V duo together while I was taking individual photos. Cute, aren’t they? I love the last photo especially, with the way Vincynt glances back at Valyntine. Damsel in distress, perhaps?