get well soon

This shoot was taken for another member of the hobby after her car accident. Justyn wanted to offer her flowers~

first time trio

Don’t even ask me how I got all three to stand up on their own without knocking each other over, because I have no idea! luck, I suppose. Heck, I even managed to get through the entire session with all of them still standing.

Together the three of them make quite the group, especially when dressed alike. All three are wearing jeans and white shirts plus all pairs of black boots are from CustomHouse. Makes me wish I had a bigger platform to set them on and some nifty stands so I could do Charlie’s Angels-type poses.

wig marathon

Soon after you get a new doll, I think it’s mandatory to try lots of different wigs on them and take photos, even if they look silly in a particular style and color. Thankfully, Justyn is a lot more forgiving about this than Vincynt, who protested about most of the wigs I tried. Justyn was just kind of like “whatever, go ahead.” Cutie, no?

The first five are ones I originally bought for Vincynt; the next four are ones from V’s stash. (CustomHouse was kind enough to put velcro on his head before he reached me, so all of these wigs stay on so nicely.)

As a bonus — no wig at all. Lookee at his cute ears, lips, and bald head!

uh oh?

Ha ha, now we see the real reason Vincynt is so annoyed with Justyn’s presence — he’s moving in on V! Justyn looks very protective of her, but I’m not so sure they’re as serious as Vincynt would like to think.

Maybe this is just for show, to get Vincynt riled up?

a kind of uniform

Meep. Vincynt doesn’t seem too happy about Justyn moving into his territory, no matter how friendly the “new guy” is. They look cute together, but who knows what they’re really thinking? Justyn’s wearing his original tux white shirt and a pair of CustomHouse F23 jeans; Vincynt is also wearing his original school shirt and Ajumapama jeans.

…Hmm, that last photo is angled funny, isn’t it? Oh well.