maybe too much

Attempt at mohair again, this time with slightly less than pleasing results. He’s still adorable in it, but something about the light or the angle of the wig itself didn’t work out as nicely. Even so, I really like how he looks in white wigs.

ny life redux

Just some quick shots to show off the Ajumapama outfit again, this time on Vincynt. They both look cute in it, but I suppose it does fit better on him than Valyntine. That boy needs to get clothes of his own, though, I swear.

wig tryouts

This is one of those embarrassing photo shoots that Vincynt would probably rather not have up. Still, isn’t it funny how pretty he looks in long wigs? The light brown wig is actually a nice color on him, and then there’s that mohair wig…! He reminds me of the Volks one-off auction “Seraphim” a couple Dolpas back. Rather ethereal. Who would’ve thought he could pull that look off?

He’s also stealing more of Valyntine’s clothes, the meanie! The tank top came with her Matrix outfit, but the tank is enormous and fits Vincynt quite nicely. For whatever the reason, he’s also modeling Valyntine’s cowboy hat. Oh well. Isn’t that white wig lovely on him?

one, two

Aren’t they cute together? When side by side you can see how pale white-skinned Vincynt is compared to Valyntine’s normal skin. Still, they make a sweet pair, don’t they?

a new arrival

Photos of Vincynt after he arrived, trying out the wigs I’d ordered to go with him. The first, short blondish wig is the “Young Cyn” default, but I don’t think it’s really “him.” The white wig is closer, but it’s the black ponytail wig that looks the best on him.

So that has become his default wig.