a new challenger

As had been done with the others previously, Jerolyn arrived and was immediately forced to try on most of the wigs I had (barring the ones the others were wearing!). Only the CH39 seems to suit him, with maybe the silver and black custom wig in second. At some point I’ll have to buy some wigs specifically for him.

damaged angel

Damaged angel.


Just having fun with the new hooded sweatshirt that I picked up today from a member of Den of Angels. It arrived a few days ago, but I haven’t been able to get packages thanks to my new work schedule.

Since I adore anything combining hearts and angel wings, I thought this Swiftheart Rabbit symbol would be perfect. V’s wearing this hoodie, CustomHouse boy jeans, and her brown CustomHouse wig. I love how she looks right now.

it’s traditional

Since the arrival of her new head meant an entirely different look for V, I decided to try on all her old wigs and see if there were any that didn’t suit her. Happily, she looked lovely in practically everything I tried. Maybe that’s just a testament to how beautifully painted she is?

copper x green

One of these days I’m going to get more Bobo N Doll outfits for this poor girl, but it’s not going to be now. These Antique Rose eyes arrived a while back, and I finally got some photos up. Even though they were more expensive, I just had to have the gradation #01 (copper x green) ones for her, since they most closely resemble her character design’s eye color. Pretty! They’re a bit hard to photograph, but I think I just need a better setup.