teal and black

After the success of my first eLuts order, I decided to place a second order when this shirt (plus Vincynt’s purple variation to follow) came into stock. There’s just something very sexy about Justyn in darker colors, especially when he has his hair down. Together, he and Vince form quite the pair.

service, please~

Just because I thought Justyn would look cute in it, I picked up this waiter-style uniform for him from Yahoo!Japan. I bet he’d attract a lot of customers working in a cafe or something like that…


Vincynt + Justyn in their respective “colors”.

This set is sort of an extension to the one used for World-Ruined’s latest layout, except that I decided to make Vincynt wear the jacket as well. They’re sort of yin and yang, aren’t they? I debated about putting these up at all because I don’t think they’re very good, but I figured since I had already started editing them, I might as well finish.

sans tie…

The reason for this? I just wanted to take photos of Justyn. It’s been a while since he’s worn his original tuxedo, only because I like him so much in lighter colors. I’ll probably start going through and reshooting a bunch of outfits with everyone’s default wigs, now that those have been more or less established. How’d you like to have this angel at your black tie affair?

angels in white

Ah, angels in white.

Good Heavens, Justyn looks a lot like the Almighty when he has his hair pulled back like that. But both of them are just so pretty when wearing white that I could cry. (They make me happy, can you tell?) Jer’s not allowed to be jealous about this because Justyn’s only doing what he does best.