purple and black

I’d never realized before how lovely Vincynt looks in black and purple. Quite simply, I think this is one of the best groups of photos I’ve ever taken of him. There’s darkness, but there’s something else, too. Something wistfully angelic, I think. I can’t describe it any more than that.

a little tattered

Shirt shopping spree continues! This one was probably a little expensive after the fees required to win it from Yahoo!Japan, but I thought it was too cute to pass up. Flower embroidery plus tattered strips sewn along the hem? Priceless.

Vincynt’s been wearing more and more white lately, although it’s still well-mixed with black. When asked, Justyn just grins and says it’s a “good thing”. I guess he’d know!

(not so) heartless

Gah. This shirt is enough to make me spasm with glee. While ordering Jer’s new wig from Luts, I decided to make the shipping worth it and pick up some shirts, too. So I picked out this one, which Luts describes as a “rabbit hood-shirt”. My boyfriend calls it a “Heartless” shirt, as in Kingdom Hearts. I have to admit I rather like the concept of Vincynt as a Heartless, although he’s really… not. Looks cute though, doesn’t he?


Vincynt + Justyn in their respective “colors”.

This set is sort of an extension to the one used for World-Ruined’s latest layout, except that I decided to make Vincynt wear the jacket as well. They’re sort of yin and yang, aren’t they? I debated about putting these up at all because I don’t think they’re very good, but I figured since I had already started editing them, I might as well finish.

gothic bat

This is the part where I die.

After seeing Basicline’s “Gothic Bat” outfit on Yahoo!Japan, I knew just who was going to end up wearing it. An embarrassing $325 later, and this is the result. I’d like to think of it as Vincynt’s “demon” version — although when he was still with the Underworld, he wore his hair differently. Anyway, technicalities aside, this is one amazing outfit. So much metal, and so many details! The coat itself is downright heavy. Geez, is it cool, though.