Sweet Candy Sailor

Odds of me getting more cutesy sailor suits for Joce after this set? They’ve shot way, way up. It’s the type of outfit that works perfectly for him, especially when paired with cat-eared hats of any sort.

Returning Miss MiMi (II)

Her head felt a bit bare in the previous set, hence the bunny hat.

Returning Miss MiMi (I)

After several attempts to have MiMi repainted that missed the mark, this time was the charm, as Armeleia did a spectacular job with her.

These were intended to be “get to know you again” shots, so that I could learn the ins and outs of her new faceup, but they were hardly necessary — she’s so effortlessly wonderful and her fresh, updated look suits her character perfectly.

It’s hard to deny who she takes after…!