twice the black v2

Thank goodness for the sun. Despite the fact that most of the time these two don’t get along as well as I would hope (similar personalities clashing and all that), they look really cute together when they aren’t bickering. Those Antique Rose eyes in Vincynt couldn’t be any more perfect for him. Do you suppose he’s whispering a secret “I love you”?

cat suit

Another outfit from Fancyboots that I’m lucky enough to own. This is such a pretty, sexy black set with its fitted style. Love it. This wig is so nifty on her, too. One day I’ll get another Volks one in brown or wine, but for now this is all I have. Works for me, though!

the cat came back

Fancyboots’s gorgeous pink kitty outfit. Oh, how I love how beautiful and soft it is! She’s wearing the Antique Rose purple eyes here too, but the light wasn’t so great today. Why does it always snow or rain on the weekends when I’m home to take photos? At least I have this outfit to cheer me up. She’s wearing another Angel Region wig here, and I just love how it forms those pretty curls!

wolf style

Heh, this must be payback for all the times Vincynt glared at me (for who knows what reasons). Fancyboots recently began making the most adorable little fur animal hats, and I asked about a “wolf” style one for Vincynt. The result was this cute gift! Doesn’t it look precious on him? His orange eyes only add to the effect. Thank you, Fancyboots!!

oil slick

Took me long enough to get this outfit photographed!

I bought one of Fancyboot’s “black slick” sets forever ago, and I finally decided to pair it with Volks black high heel boots and the new CustomHouse black “Hong Kong” wig I bought. My only gripe with the wig is that V’s kitty ears don’t fit all that well with it, so I had to make her just a regular girl for this instead of her typical catgirl form.

This outfit shows off the SD13 girl body really nicely, and with the short wispy style of the wig, it’s easy to see just how lovely the F-13 head mold is.