Valentine’s Day (2024)

Pretty in pink — a self-indulgent treat for her special day~

a Sweet Blue Treat

Who doesn’t love a good sprinkle doughnut?

Peaceful Wisteria

It must get tiring babysitting the guys all the time, so one can hardly blame V for yawning a bit once in a while. ^^

I finally obtained a pair of SDGrG H-02 hands for her — they’re so beautiful! It’s easy to see why they’re sought-after. Now that they’re here, they’ll get a lot of use (although hopefully not just for yawning).

Sequins of Events

It all started with this glittery kitty hat…

Lapin PĂȘche

Finding this peche* dress was a dream come true — its romantic atmosphere suits V perfectly, especially when paired with cozy accessories. Even with the muted palette, there’s a soft spring feeling to the whole look that makes one forget the gloom outside.