Faux Real Coziness

Fo’ real, though — it’s one cozy outfit. Mori styles aren’t always a go-to for Joce, but he looks fantastic in them whenever the mood hits.

This set took me so long to finish that the seasons wrapped around from fall weather when I first laid it out, all the way through sweltering summer, and back to winter, where it finally feels appropriate again.

GiGi’s Stroll in the Woods

It’s a perfect day for a stroll in the (imaginary) woods~

Gifts of Autumn


Listen to the Rain

Just some quick doodles. (It rained not long after.)

I love this outfit, and I’d like to take more (read: better) photos of it. I also want to swap it out for the tons of other new things I’ve gotten for her lately, so… um… I guess we’ll see which desire wins out.

Coffee, Tea, or Me?

I wanted him to wear something cozy and fall-ish. It kind of feels like an outfit test for a whimsical college/coffee shop AU mashup, though.


Hm. >_>