Chill in the Air

Winter weather is a good time to break out the blues, even for someone who doesn’t frequently wear them.

Unexpectedly Sweet

When I initially got into the BJD hobby, many years ago, my first doll was a Volks MSD Myu. I didn’t keep her long before changing her out for another (MSD Mika), and then she, too, was sold as I discovered that I enjoyed playing with and photographing larger sizes. For a long time after, I resisted getting another mini, not wanting to split my resources on a yet another size that would require its own particular selection of wigs, clothes, and shoes.

But recently, my stance on that shifted somewhat. For one thing, I had become enamored of the Unoss body and its gorgeous, unique shape and design. I’ve also been avidly collecting BJD mooks, which constantly showcase the various Alchemic Labo offerings. Add to that the longing realization that many of my favorite clothing dealers offered Unoa sizes, and, well… that resolve began to crumble.

Meet Praline Biscotti!

I picked her up secondhand from Yahoo!Japan, and she has been a delight thus far. While I’m clearly inexperienced with handling her, she’s wonderfully fun to photograph and dress. Even before I had decided to get her, I’d been collecting little odds and ends of Unoa-sized clothing with the plans to fit them to my YoSD girls (with pins if needed), but now I can go all-in on building her wardrobe. She’s also given me the chance to play with fur wigs for the first time in years, which has been an enjoyable experience, especially when there are such cute styles available.

Hopefully you’ll like her, too! She might not have much of a role in my crew right now, but I foresee plenty of photos of her in the future…

Peaceful Wisteria

It must get tiring babysitting the guys all the time, so one can hardly blame V for yawning a bit once in a while. ^^

I finally obtained a pair of SDGrG H-02 hands for her — they’re so beautiful! It’s easy to see why they’re sought-after. Now that they’re here, they’ll get a lot of use (although hopefully not just for yawning).

Sequins of Events

It all started with this glittery kitty hat…

CiCi at Winter’s End

I’ve wanted to do a cute, cozy-themed set for the little girls for a while, but I only managed to accumulate enough wardrobe pieces to actually pull it off as spring began knocking on the door.

Alas. I’ll have to be content with these small shots until next winter.