a Flicker of Flame

This outfit was fantastic for Vince — I wish I had taken more and better photos of it. I didn’t, though; in my usual fashion, it took so long for me to get around to it that I started getting antsy about putting him in something new. Thus, I ended up with just these shots that were really more about testing out a new pair of eyes than anything else. Alas.

He’s probably happier when I don’t put him in the limelight anyway, but still. He looked so good in it…

Simmering Gray

Posting these because I want to be DONE because I am TIRED of looking at your STUPID FACE, JER. >:O

Dove Grays

Bird brain.

Just some doodles. I’ve had this little faux bird since 2005, purchased specifically as a prop for Justyn, and I thought I’d amuse myself by taking photos of it with him again, while he’s wearing this so-very-appropriate shirt.

(Jer often refers to him as “bird brain”, by the by, because Justyn tends to be something of a space cadet. Vincynt, who doesn’t like to call anyone by their given name for reasons known only to himself, uses the nickname “dove” instead. So a bird-themed shirt is a nice little in-joke.)

Alpaca It Up

Playing with Dom because I can and he makes me happy. Maybe I should swap his wig out for the braided one, though?