Melty Mint

Praline is so pretty to look at; editing her photos is a pleasure!

I quite like her in this wig, as it gives the impression of fluffy puppy ears. Her personality might be a little too sweet and subdued to be described as “puppy-ish”, though…

a Sweet Blue Treat

Who doesn’t love a good sprinkle doughnut?

Night Vision

His shades are just there to look cool, and you know this because he rarely wears them over his eyes, where they’d belong if they actually served any other purpose.

I suppose “atmosphere” is as good an excuse as any…

GiGi at Winter’s End

I’ve wanted to do a cute, cozy-themed set for the little girls for a while, but I only managed to accumulate enough wardrobe pieces to actually pull it off as spring began knocking on the door.

Alas. I’ll have to be content with these small shots until next winter.

Belated Colors of Spring

Her expression is so gloomy for flowery colors, but it’s nice to see her in a spring look for a change. She’ll be back to her usual mood soon enough, especially with cold weather setting in.