boys of summer

And I can tell you my love for you will still be strong
After the boys of summer have gone

— “the Boys of Summer” by Don Henley

JoJuVi pile-up snuggle in the corner. Take that! ♥

I’d actually taken these more than two weeks ago but never got around to editing them all. Even if they’re not the greatest, they’re still kind of fun just ’cause the three of them are so cute. Maybe by the time I get Vincynt back, I’ll have miraculously gained the skills necessary to take real photos of them together. Wish me luck?

you belong to the night

Just some quick shots of Vincynt before he leaves.

I hope no one’s too attached to his current faceup. While it’s beautifully done and certainly approximates the character, I’ve gotten more disillusioned with it since he first came back. The other day, annoyed that I just couldn’t get him to look good in photos no matter what I did, I yanked off his upper eyelashes. That helped some – they were too long, dark, and girly for him – but it didn’t fix everything. His mouth in particular is driving me batty. Don’t get me wrong, the faceup job is really fantastic. It truly is. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Vincynt himself – the character – but the faceup just isn’t doing what I thought it would for him.

So, he’s going to be sent off again, this time to Armeleia for facial mods and a new faceup. I won’t describe what I have planned for him quite yet (rest assured, no elf ears), but I really hope that this will help solve the problems I’m having with him. Wish me luck. I hope I won’t miss him too much.

gimme fuel, gimme fire

And then I burn
Turning my direction
Quench my thirst with gasoline

Gimme fuel
Gimme fire
Gimme that which I desire

— “Fuel” by Metallica

sexy kung fu fighter

Sexy kung fu fighter
Let me take you higher

— “Kung Fu Fighting (Dance Remix)” by Fatboy Slim

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