Sometimes I think V suffers from delusions of grandeur, in which she imagines that she’s both gorgeous and a supermodel for fashionable clothing lines. That’s when I remind her that her wig is slightly askew, but she won’t give up the pretense of her photo shoot long enough for me to adjust it. Well, what are you going to do when a catgirl gives you her best haughty glare?

Outfit, jewelry, and invisible sandals by Kou.

turn up the volume

Amazing that I managed to squeeze enough light out of a rainy day to (sort of) capture her Antique Rose eyes, isn’t it?

The other day I changed them to her expensive gradation ones, and I can say that I really love her in these. Sometime soon I’d like to get wigs in this color with other styles. She looks very cute, no? Poor thing, she needs more clothes so I don’t have to recycle the same old Bobo N Doll shirts and R-Jeans all the time.

it’s traditional

Since the arrival of her new head meant an entirely different look for V, I decided to try on all her old wigs and see if there were any that didn’t suit her. Happily, she looked lovely in practically everything I tried. Maybe that’s just a testament to how beautifully painted she is?

time enough

…But the friendly terms from the previous shoot might just get called off with this one. They look so sweet together, but who knows if it’s for real or just a passing phase? Justyn has stolen another of Vincynt’s wigs, and the black ponytail makes him look tougher. I guess if he feels he has to protect V, he’ll be like that.

backlit lace

Sigh. With the way I take photos, there’s so much light on her wings that you can barely see them. Alas, I’ll have to wait for warmer weather so I can take outdoor photos again. At least with the backlit effect, the lace details of the skirt are finally visible. Oh, my angel. I love this girl!