GiGi at Winter’s End

I’ve wanted to do a cute, cozy-themed set for the little girls for a while, but I only managed to accumulate enough wardrobe pieces to actually pull it off as spring began knocking on the door.

Alas. I’ll have to be content with these small shots until next winter.

Kitted Out in Pink

Knitted out, too, as far as the sweater goes. ^^

AKA, just doodles of V-noss, who is a delight.

Hold Onto the Snows

I know it’s spring, but I’m not ready to give up on winter yet…

Dove Grays

Bird brain.

Just some doodles. I’ve had this little faux bird since 2005, purchased specifically as a prop for Justyn, and I thought I’d amuse myself by taking photos of it with him again, while he’s wearing this so-very-appropriate shirt.

(Jer often refers to him as “bird brain”, by the by, because Justyn tends to be something of a space cadet. Vincynt, who doesn’t like to call anyone by their given name for reasons known only to himself, uses the nickname “dove” instead. So a bird-themed shirt is a nice little in-joke.)