a Lesson In Identity

All I want to know is — who the fuck took Jerolyn?

I’d like the real one back, please. This feels like taking photos of a complete stranger. I mean, I know I was the one who stuck his head in a box and gave his body to Dom, but this is all wrong somehow. I think it’s time to give Domynic his body back and wait for a better solution to present itself.

Like… oh, but that’s a secret. ^^~~*

open your heart

Lend me your ear
And I’ll tell you about the things I fear, baby
Open your heart
And I’ll tell you why I’m torn apart, maybe

— “Killing Me Too” by Sister Hazel

violence fetish

How do you sleep
When you live with your lies
Out of your mouth
Up from your mind
That kind of thinking
Starts a chain reaction
You are a timebomb ticking away

— “Violence Fetish” by Disturbed

I don’t know what my fascination is with mismatched eyes. Joce has ’em. Domynic will have ’em, if I ever figure out which other color I want and if I dare try to remove the hot glue holding his current eyes in (I really don’t wanna mess up his eye modding from the inside), and now there’s Jer with the same deal. Oh well, at least it’s fun to play with.

Sometimes I wonder if I should sell these eyes since I don’t use them as much as I should, but man, would they be difficult to get back again if I changed my mind. It’s easy to find pupilless eyes in 12mm for Unoa; not so easy to find them in 20mm for Syo.

Honestly, they’re not the right color for anything. They definitely don’t match Jer’s blue eyes, and their color-changing nature (depending on the light) is a little freaky. I guess they’re really only good for messing with stuff like this, semi-psycho Jer.

speak the truth

Speak the the truth
Or make your peace some other way
I never knew, but I believe that your trust in me
Oh, will speak to me

— “Speak” by Godsmack

I’d only meant to take a couple photos of Jer today, just a little something to break up the monotony of Domynic. After messing around with him for a while (gotta love those fist hands) and playing tag with the fickle sunshine, I suddenly realized that I’d filled up my memory card with his photos. Alas. I’m sorry they’re so awful – boring and repetitive and badly posed and pooly lit and all that other jazz I really need to improve on – but they’re done and that’s that.

Next time I’ll do better, promise.

loaded god complex

We’re going down, down in an earlier round
And Sugar, we’re going down swinging
I’ll be your number one with a bullet
A loaded God complex, cock it and pull it

— “Sugar We’re Going Down” by Fall Out Boy