Hello world!

Because everyone has to start somewhere. For me, this was in 2002 with an MSD Myu (and later an MSD Mika) that didn’t stay long, so we’ll count 2003 as the “true” start of my venture into this hobby.

Originally I planned on getting an F-09 (Leona/Licht mold) head, but the more I saw the F-13/Mimi mold, the more I knew I had to have it.

After seeing a gorgeous F-13 + SD13 combination at the Japanese site “needl waker” (now defunct), I absolutely fell in love and made my decision to order a Full Choice System SD. After waiting almost two months, I was terrified that I had blown far too much money on something I would hate. Yet when I opened her box while on Christmas vacation, it was instant infatuation. I was so happy!

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