no excuse

I just wanted photos of them together. They’re so… different, and not even in the way that Vincynt and Justyn are.

a little frill

It’s so strange to see V without her cat-ears. I’ve been trying to style her usual wig in different ways to compensate; pulled back like this doesn’t look too bad, does it? This was mostly just having fun with her hairstyle and her shirt, which I think was once Justyn’s? Anyway, it was meant for an SD13 boy, but it looks cute on girls, too, as modeled here.


This is a fun little outfit.

On the auction listing, it described it as being “SD boy” sized, but I figured it would work just as well (and be rather sexy) for an SD13 girl instead. Turns out I was right, and I’m really happy I made the decision to get it. Not sure who the maker is, but I’m inclined to say Moon Eclipse, because it’s a very similar style to the sort of thing they usually sell. Ah well, as long as it looks this sexy, who cares?


Same boring old Bobo outfit… but I wanted to take photos of V, so I did. I mean, people wear the same outfit more than once, so it’s okay if she does too, right? Hopefully I’ll get some more things for her in the near future. For now you’ll just get reruns, though.

angels in white

Ah, angels in white.

Good Heavens, Justyn looks a lot like the Almighty when he has his hair pulled back like that. But both of them are just so pretty when wearing white that I could cry. (They make me happy, can you tell?) Jer’s not allowed to be jealous about this because Justyn’s only doing what he does best.