just add hat

More fun with headgear!

Before Justyn stole the cowboy hat, it belonged with this outfit set. Now that V’s back to normal, she can finally wear the hat as she was meant to. Unfortunately, I’m waffling over the wig — it’s a Leekeworld one in carrot, but it just doesn’t fluff out as nicely as her Volks one does. It’s also darker than her hair should be. This may be reshot in the future with the Volks wig instead.

stay cozy

I wish I had a nice fuzzy sweater like this for myself. Long ago, almost two years ago now, I first ordered the original incarnation of V, and for her first outfit, I received this pretty ensemble from biscuitbear — handknit sweater, cute skirt with appliqued leaves, and a pair of cream tights. V usually doesn’t wear skirts, but this is just such a neat little outfit. She looks so nice and warm.

carrot curls

It’s been forever since I’ve taken photos of V, but it’s not for lack of trying. Justyn especially is super-easy to photograph, while I always have the worst time trying to capture V.

This is not a new outfit, unfortunately, but it is a new wig — a lovely carrot one from LeekeWorld. Sigh. She’s much prettier in life, but she just doesn’t want to cooperate with me.