Dollop of Color (Green)


I’ve been hoarding these Lush Berry dresses for a while, waiting for the right time to get all three girls in them at once. It’s always fun to dress them in matching outfits but with unique accessories.

CiCi at Winter’s End

I’ve wanted to do a cute, cozy-themed set for the little girls for a while, but I only managed to accumulate enough wardrobe pieces to actually pull it off as spring began knocking on the door.

Alas. I’ll have to be content with these small shots until next winter.

a Little Sophistication

CiCi’s coloring (pink + purple) tends to lend itself well to dresses and frills, so it was fun to be able to kit her out in something a little different for a change!

I think it suits her, don’t you?

CiCi’s Stroll in the Woods

It’s a perfect day for a stroll in the (imaginary) woods~

Cutie Brigade~

Here they come~