Beneath the Boughs

she wanders
(not lost or forgotten)
merely thoughtful

GiGi at Winter’s End

I’ve wanted to do a cute, cozy-themed set for the little girls for a while, but I only managed to accumulate enough wardrobe pieces to actually pull it off as spring began knocking on the door.

Alas. I’ll have to be content with these small shots until next winter.

CiCi’s Stroll in the Woods

It’s a perfect day for a stroll in the (imaginary) woods~

Lady of Eternal Winter

It’s an exceptionally good look for her.

Trail of Violet

MiMi doodles.

I’ve been slowly working on building a new website for archiving all of my doll photos, starting from 2003, and I’d forgotten that very early on, I sometimes had V in a white wig kind of like this one. This is a style of outfit I like for V, too, and the hairclips were originally bought with her in mind, so I guess this look is altogether kind of appropriate for MiMi. *^^*