Natural Confidence

Amaretto — cool and stylish older brother to twins Praline and Marzipan — finally makes his debut!

This outfit was waiting a long time for his face plate to be ready, so I’m glad the end result turned out well. ^^

Fresh Sweet Bun

Marzipan’s official debut, and I’m using… an optional face plate?

To be honest, the “wink” face is so surprisingly adorable that it’s tempting to make it her default expression. Would it be too boring to photograph after a while, I wonder?

Dreaming of Softer Days

This was the first time I’d had a proper jacket on Justyn in years. He usually ends up in such summery outfits! Even with the jacket, the whole look is still so soft and reminds me of Neapolitan ice cream…

That Mew You Do

Joce wearing cat ears is admittedly pretty clichĂ© at this point, but I had this velvet*paw top hanging around that I couldn’t quite figure out how to style any other way. I also just needed something quick and easy to shoot that I could finish without getting too bogged down, as usually happens with my larger sets.

Of course, I still took forever to get even this little thing done…


Some time ago, I upgraded Dom’s sculpt from his previous SWITCH Seoha to a BNBDoll Ipchun, a move I’d contemplated for a while before I was able to make a lucky trade with someone.

These are from his first full photo shoot, sort of a “get to know you” session while I figured out the new sculpt. I might tweak a few things going forward (eye placement, wig adjustments), but he’s very handsome. I’m also quite pleased with his outfit; it had a lot of fun elements I’d been saving especially for his use, which worked out exactly the way I had hoped. ^^

The bottle was intended to be filled with “KahlĂșa milk” (according to the dealer), but let’s say it’s just plain iced coffee here.