Pale Rainbow Descent

She’s cute and pastel and I took photos, the end.

Iridescent Cotton Candy

Do not eat.

Novelty Sugar

KiKi (YuKiKi for long, YuKiKi Candy for even longer) doodles~

As a YoTenshi Yuki head + Seitenshi body hybrid, she’s basically an adorable mascot/novelty. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ve probably already seen a few peeks of her!

I still need to get a pastel wig to suit her sugar-sweet candy-colored faceup (by armeleia). Since she’s just here to be cute and is already fulfilling that role, though, I keep pushing her wig purchase down on the priority list in favor of dealer stuff. She’s also, uh, missing any actual clothing and is therefore wearing the old school GiGi special with her temporary wig. Oops. XD