Gentle Flirt

Soft pastels suit him perfectly.


If you don’t follow me on Instagram (and you should, because I post there a lot XD), you might not know that I recently changed Vincynt over to a moroLAB² Iha!

When his blank head first arrived, I wasn’t sure it was going to work out – it looked a lot different in person than it did in photos. After some modding magic and a faceup (both by Armeleia of Seed Arts!), however, he’s turned out to be an absolute dreamboat. I put him into a temporary outfit to practice photographing him and get used to his new look.

Hope everyone likes him! <3

Kitted Out in Pink

Knitted out, too, as far as the sweater goes. ^^

AKA, just doodles of V-noss, who is a delight.

Simmering Gray

Posting these because I want to be DONE because I am TIRED of looking at your STUPID FACE, JER. >:O

Immobilized by Fashion


I wasn’t sure of this outfit when I was putting it together – it had lots of favorite elements but did it really jell? – but I ended up pretty pleased with it in the end.

I love how the shirt works with the denim jacket, even though the fairly rigid fabric plus the double layered sleeves hinders his arm mobility more than I’d like. Next time I use the jacket for an outfit, I think I’ll go with short sleeves and see how much of a difference it makes. ^^;