Unexpected Sunshine

The only goal here was to get Jer to wear something outside of his usual style; it worked, but it’s not necessarily the best look for him. Gotta love that punch of sunshine yellow, though.

(After this, he was allowed to change into an outfit that was more his speed, which he was clearly happier about.)


(not sorry)

Sting Like A


I love this outfit, but I don’t know if I want to spend more time with it or change it. The weather has definitely put me in the mood for cozier fall clothes, and I’d like to make Jer look super stylish (that is, stylish at all…). Hm. .__.

Simmering Gray

Posting these because I want to be DONE because I am TIRED of looking at your STUPID FACE, JER. >:O

Keep the Peace

Nothing exciting, photo-wise, but Jer’s Sleeping Sevy head recently came back from being repainted (again), so I’m trying to make peace with the new look.

From a technical standpoint, it’s excellent, with exceptional linework. From a “capturing what I asked for” view, it’s… maybe a little less on the money, which is why I’m struggling a bit with him. His lips are… still kind of hot pink (and this after multiple attempts and dozens of references to get them to the color I wanted), and his overall appearance strikes me as more “fashion model glamor-puss” than “grumpy fighter-type”. I think darkening his lip crease and extending the corners might help with that?

I dunno. Like I said, I’m trying to give him a chance and make it work.