Some time ago, I upgraded Dom’s sculpt from his previous SWITCH Seoha to a BNBDoll Ipchun, a move I’d contemplated for a while before I was able to make a lucky trade with someone.

These are from his first full photo shoot, sort of a “get to know you” session while I figured out the new sculpt. I might tweak a few things going forward (eye placement, wig adjustments), but he’s very handsome. I’m also quite pleased with his outfit; it had a lot of fun elements I’d been saving especially for his use, which worked out exactly the way I had hoped. ^^

The bottle was intended to be filled with “Kahlúa milk” (according to the dealer), but let’s say it’s just plain iced coffee here.

Belated Colors of Spring

Her expression is so gloomy for flowery colors, but it’s nice to see her in a spring look for a change. She’ll be back to her usual mood soon enough, especially with cold weather setting in.

Pensive Periwinkle

Doodles from a few weeks ago.

I wanted to change V into a fresh outfit, but I’d gotten so many new things for her recently that I stalled out on what, exactly, I wanted her to wear. Nothing seemed to suit my mood. So I borrowed Justyn’s periwinkle shirt and built an ensemble around that. Its oversized fit made her look even more melancholy than normal, I think, which I guess is what I needed.