Eye testing! I’ve always intended Joce to have mismatched eyes, but it’s a matter of finding the right ones and a combo I’m happy with… this is a start, at least.

Don’t know what to make of the eyes themselves quite yet, they’re really something different! I’m not sure why I wasn’t expecting the green to be so, er, radioactive Slimer green, but it is. Cute, just takes a little while to get used to. As I suspected, the 18mm eyes fit into his eyewells perfectly and still allow for positioning. The auction didn’t mention which brand these are, which is unfortunate because they’re nicely made.

One thing that threw me for a loop, though, after getting them in Joce was that there’s no threading, so the eye is basically one flat color. It’s cool because it’s different, but it’s a little weird because it lacks the depth Antique Rose eyes have and gives me an eerie feeling. Of course, part of that could just be the position of the eyes – Joce looks really haughty like this, plus the fact that they’re smaller – he looks more adult. Mmm. Will have to go play with him a bit and see how I feel once I’ve gotten used to the lime green.

Oh, and his other eye! It’s a lot more orangey than the golden-brown I was (for whatever the reason) expecting to see. I thought it might match closer to Justyn’s eye color, but it actually looks similar to Vincynt’s, only a little lighter. Eeee, how cute.

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