Cutie Brigade~

Here they come~

Gifts of Autumn


Light From the Depths

Just more MiMi doodles.

I really struggle with taking photos, but I love how luminous these Hitomiya eyes are, so I decided to play with her a bit~

Watery Deep

Miss MiMi’s new “water blue” (maybe “water purple”?) Hitomiya eyes arrived yesterday, so I took them for a test drive~

I’m still a bit on the fence about her faceup, but the eyes suit her well. <3

Make a Point!

Little MiMi doodles.

I’m always surprised that her poses tend to end up so “genki”… I don’t know where that comes from. (Dom? It sure ain’t the other two…) I figured her personality would be quieter and more reserved, but she uses that pointing hand pretty darn well.