geisha dreams

This turned out much longer than I’d planned – I’d originally wanted to only take a couple shots. But Justyn + camera = me going overboard. I just can’t help it with that face of his; the camera loves him, and I love him, and so he gets spoiled rotten when it comes to photo shoots. If he weren’t so pretty and so easy to take photos of, it’d be different.

Alas, it’s not, and you’ll just have to put up with it.

Edit: By the way – Joce is not to let Justyn put yukata (or kimono, if I ever get any) on by himself anymore. Justyn thinks it should be worn comfortably, like a robe, which means…tying the obi in the front. No more of that, J-bird. (He has no idea what that could possibly mean, except that he’s happier with how it feels.) XD

flowers of the orient

They’re so cute together…

hints of gold

And then there was Justyn. He makes the most gorgeous “pretty boy”, doesn’t he? Luckily, Justyn’s confident enough that he has no problem wearing something that makes him look a bit more girly than usual. His earring and hairstick are by Crazy Berry from Yahoo!Japan, and they’re really quite neat. I just wish I could fix his wig in a hairstyle that did the jewelry justice. Alas.