Organization XXIV

In you and I there’s a new land
Angels in flight
My sanctuary, my sanctuary, yeah
Where fears and lies melt away
Music inside
What’s left of me
What’s left of me now
— “Sanctuary” by Utada Hikaru

There was an in-joke in here once, but it’s gone now.


For everyone keeping score, these were taken on the landing outside our apartment using natural light through the half-circle window and shiny, shiny reflectors. Now you can all see how much of an amateur I am, ’cause I don’t know a damned thing about using reflectors properly. I got light aimed in the right direction, and that’s about it. Kudos to me. At least I only dropped the lens cap once – it only went down a couple flights.

Ah, good times. XD ♥

a Lesson In Kindness

…Yet more practice, now with Justyn flavor.

Enter the Dragon

I rarely take “box ceremony” photos for new arrivals, but I thought this time I would make an exception.

Meet the newest member of the World Ruined crew — a Canon Digital Rebel XTi. I’m really, really excited about this whole thing. XD ♥

Edit: Now with actual first photos!

They’re horribly off as far as white balance goes, and I don’t know what half of the functions do yet, but… eeee! These don’t nearly begin to cover my awe at the jump between cameras. Even just the move from four megapixels (Coolpix 4500) to ten megapixels (Rebel XTi) is like whoa. XD

Next up — figure out what the hell it is that I’m doing (and what I should change for future reference). This is gonna be fun. XD

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war of the roses

Geez, I love these two. I don’t know which is my favorite at the moment – Justyn or Domynic. They’re similar in so many ways (one of the reasons I liked Dom right away is that he reminded me so much of Justyn, especially the mouth), and yet distinctly different, too. I think they’ll get some more photo shoots together in the future. ♥

I had to steal Jer’s body for this, though, so his head is packed up in a box to await the day I either switch off again or finally get a body for Dom. That makes this kind of an experiment because… I want to know how much I miss Jer if he’s not around. If I could part with him or if I need him to stay. So we’ll see how that goes.