Sequins of Events

It all started with this glittery kitty hat…

Faux Real Coziness

Fo’ real, though — it’s one cozy outfit. Mori styles aren’t always a go-to for Joce, but he looks fantastic in them whenever the mood hits.

This set took me so long to finish that the seasons wrapped around from fall weather when I first laid it out, all the way through sweltering summer, and back to winter, where it finally feels appropriate again.

Just Add Ears

Mori bunny mish-mash.

I love this shoot – it’s from February, but I’ve been dragging my feet on finishing it up because I took and kept so many shots that I was having a hard time paring it down (way, way down) to fit on Tumblr.

I don’t know if I made the best choices, in the end, but I might rework the set and do an extended cut of it later. My goal was to get her in a bunch of different browns, grays, oranges, and peaches, and I think it worked out exactly how I wanted.