Some time ago, I upgraded Dom’s sculpt from his previous SWITCH Seoha to a BNBDoll Ipchun, a move I’d contemplated for a while before I was able to make a lucky trade with someone.

These are from his first full photo shoot, sort of a “get to know you” session while I figured out the new sculpt. I might tweak a few things going forward (eye placement, wig adjustments), but he’s very handsome. I’m also quite pleased with his outfit; it had a lot of fun elements I’d been saving especially for his use, which worked out exactly the way I had hoped. ^^

The bottle was intended to be filled with “Kahlúa milk” (according to the dealer), but let’s say it’s just plain iced coffee here.

On the Contrary

It is always sweater weather.

As is usual for Dom, many of these things were… not purchased with him in mind, and yet somehow here they are, in his wardrobe. Typical.

a Flicker of Flame

This outfit was fantastic for Vince — I wish I had taken more and better photos of it. I didn’t, though; in my usual fashion, it took so long for me to get around to it that I started getting antsy about putting him in something new. Thus, I ended up with just these shots that were really more about testing out a new pair of eyes than anything else. Alas.

He’s probably happier when I don’t put him in the limelight anyway, but still. He looked so good in it…

Immobilized by Fashion


I wasn’t sure of this outfit when I was putting it together – it had lots of favorite elements but did it really jell? – but I ended up pretty pleased with it in the end.

I love how the shirt works with the denim jacket, even though the fairly rigid fabric plus the double layered sleeves hinders his arm mobility more than I’d like. Next time I use the jacket for an outfit, I think I’ll go with short sleeves and see how much of a difference it makes. ^^;

Dove Grays

Bird brain.

Just some doodles. I’ve had this little faux bird since 2005, purchased specifically as a prop for Justyn, and I thought I’d amuse myself by taking photos of it with him again, while he’s wearing this so-very-appropriate shirt.

(Jer often refers to him as “bird brain”, by the by, because Justyn tends to be something of a space cadet. Vincynt, who doesn’t like to call anyone by their given name for reasons known only to himself, uses the nickname “dove” instead. So a bird-themed shirt is a nice little in-joke.)