Chill in the Air

Winter weather is a good time to break out the blues, even for someone who doesn’t frequently wear them.

Night Vision

His shades are just there to look cool, and you know this because he rarely wears them over his eyes, where they’d belong if they actually served any other purpose.

I suppose “atmosphere” is as good an excuse as any…

a Flicker of Flame

This outfit was fantastic for Vince — I wish I had taken more and better photos of it. I didn’t, though; in my usual fashion, it took so long for me to get around to it that I started getting antsy about putting him in something new. Thus, I ended up with just these shots that were really more about testing out a new pair of eyes than anything else. Alas.

He’s probably happier when I don’t put him in the limelight anyway, but still. He looked so good in it…

Traditional Purple

His Royal Highness
in the traditional purple

Impending Disaster

I’d been debating whether I want to keep or sell this kitty duffel coat, as I hadn’t used it since it arrived. So I tried it on someone, who was not thrilled at having been chosen for the dubious honor.

…Honestly, I’m surprised it didn’t go up in flames overnight.