Soften the Edges

I could’ve kept him in this outfit forever — he makes it look so effortlessly perfect. It features so many elements I love, and it all works together to give him a gently rugged vibe.


Lapin Pêche

Finding this peche* dress was a dream come true — its romantic atmosphere suits V perfectly, especially when paired with cozy accessories. Even with the muted palette, there’s a soft spring feeling to the whole look that makes one forget the gloom outside.

Butterfly Scholar

Don’t be fooled by his affected demeanor! He probably wants something from you. XD

This outfit was built for a visitor borrowing Joce’s body, and when I decided to swap Joce’s head back, I figured I would take shots of the outfit while it was already on. It turns out to suit him quite well!

That also gave me the chance to try out a new wig I’d purchased for him some weeks back, which I’m very happy with. The two-toned wine color is beautiful, and it’s very thick and luscious. I haven’t had him in a wig with bangs in quite a while.

Colder Still

Lazy doodles to test out her new wig.

Cooler Still

Just some V-noss doodles. I figured I’d whip up some Tumblr versions to go along with the Instagram ones, although there’s not much difference in this particular set. They’re just little snaps, anyway.

I love this outfit… it was meant to be an earthy summer-to-fall transition ensemble, but now that it’s November, I think I should change her into something cozier. Seeing her in short sleeves and capris makes me feel cold!