Soften the Edges

I could’ve kept him in this outfit forever — he makes it look so effortlessly perfect. It features so many elements I love, and it all works together to give him a gently rugged vibe.


a Little Sophistication

CiCi’s coloring (pink + purple) tends to lend itself well to dresses and frills, so it was fun to be able to kit her out in something a little different for a change!

I think it suits her, don’t you?

Shutter Bugged

As much as I adore this outfit, I decided it was time for a photo session and an ensemble change… but it seems my camera had other ideas. It died partway through the shoot (most likely a detached shutter blade), so this is all I managed before I started getting useless images. ._.

It’s out for repairs now. I haven’t decided yet if I want to wait for its return and try again, or if the moment’s passed and I should just go ahead with a new outfit. Maybe it’s better to let it be and move on?

Casual Stylish Something

… It’s a Vincynt set.