Casual Stylish Something

… It’s a Vincynt set.

Mellow Yellow

Just doodles. This outfit doesn’t really feel “finished” – it needs a touch of yellow up top (a hat or something) – so I might try some more photos in the future.

Plus, you can’t even see the best part in these shots! He’s wearing Justyn’s yellow EMR pants which are just… <3

Cross to Wear

Some Vincynt doodles.

I liked this outfit a lot and probably should have taken better photos of it, but I had been dragging my feet on doing that for weeks. Everyone else had gotten outfit changes and were looking a little more ready for spring/summer weather, and this felt so… wintry. (Totally in-character for him, but wintry.) That, and I’d gotten some stuff in the mail I wanted him to wear instead.

So I took some quick photos as a memorial and changed everything out. Maybe when cooler weather rolls back around, I’ll revisit it.

Violets & Violence

Finally, a new outfit + photos!

This wasn’t the ensemble I envisioned when I started the changing session, but I think it turned out to be interesting enough. I always like Vincynt in purple. The flower hairpin (borrowed from V by way of MiMi) matches this shirt, too, and helps soften his look a little.

I tend to accumulate things for Vince that don’t end up getting used for months and months (the shirt, for example, which I got in September 2018 and finally put on him for the first time), so I’m trying to push my boundaries with him beyond basics and plain black.

Like a Fox