Cat Nap

Just dozing in the sun…

Forever Teal

Joce looks so good in outfits like these — plus, they’re a blast to photograph! Giant scarves make for fun posing.

Hello, Summer

Just some doodles.

You might see more of this outfit because I love it, so prepare to be bored, I guess. Also, I’m very pleased with these new Silver eyes for him, and no, not just because the color has a food name. XD

Just Add Ears

Mori bunny mish-mash.

I love this shoot – it’s from February, but I’ve been dragging my feet on finishing it up because I took and kept so many shots that I was having a hard time paring it down (way, way down) to fit on Tumblr.

I don’t know if I made the best choices, in the end, but I might rework the set and do an extended cut of it later. My goal was to get her in a bunch of different browns, grays, oranges, and peaches, and I think it worked out exactly how I wanted.

It’s a Model Thing

HoW dO i PoSE SdgR?

Seriously, though, I’ve had these sitting on my hard drive since October. I thought I’d finally finish them quick and post them so that I can move on. XP