limited wardrobe

Poor Vincynt, I really need to get him some other clothes to wear. Unfortunately, that’s going to have to wait a good long time with the purchases I’ve been making recently. Well, new clothes or not, this is a new white fur wig made by Cassiel. Her pattern is really nice and fits him so perfectly! Oh, and I went back to sunlight for this. Can you believe it was snowing while I was taking these?

By the way, Vincynt steals everything, doesn’t he? Even Valyntine’s wings! At some point I’d like to get him a pair of black wings, but for now he’s going to borrow hers. Despite the wings, i don’t think he looks all that angelic. Or maybe that’s just because I know what’s he like.

And that last photo? Vincynt made fun of the pink kitty outfit once too often, so V stuck that on his head as payback. Thanks to biscuitbear for knitting it!

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