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This post is really just about is messing with Joce’s eye color.

Something has bothered me since his green and orange eyes arrived, but it wasn’t until Justyn’s Violet Poem head arrived that I figured out the problem. After examining the Hitomiya brown eyes Justyn’s head came with, compared to the eyes Joce had, the orange and green eyes seem to be a lot “flatter”. The brown eyes have way more depth and thus make Joce’s gaze a little less focused, a little less a full-on bold stare. While I love the Slimer green color especially, the flatness of it, despite the nice paperweighting and overall quality, made photographing him a little odd. So I decided to switch up eyes again.

Left eye (the one normally visible) with an 18mm brown eye, and his right eye (normally hidden) is now the green one. Dunno if the difference in “depth” is clearly distinguishable in this photo; I really prefer natural light over artificial, although that might just be inexperience talking.

I like the concept of him hiding the green eye, a “design flaw” from his creation. I think all angels of his power type have mismatched eyes.

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