dress in gold

You always dress in yellow
When you wanna dress in gold
Instead of listenin’ to your heart
You do just what you’re told
If you keep waiting where you are
Oh what you’ll never know
So let’s just get into your car,
And go baby go!

— “Why Not” by Hilary Duff

Or, put another way, this has a number of reasons for existing.

One, I wanted to experiment more with some new lamps. Two, someone claimed that even if Justyn wore the “ugliest outfit in existence”, he’d still be worthy of fangirling. (♥) This goes along with three, the saying that if someone is truly gorgeous, they can make even something like a potato sack, a brown paper bag, or a garbage bag look awesome. And finally, there were a few posts on DoA about doll photos “coming alive” for others because of amazing outfits.

What do all of these have in common, you ask? Well…what I wanted to see was if two and three were indeed true by experimenting with reason number one, and to make a point that perhaps “amazing outfits” aren’t all there is to a doll “coming alive”. Thus, Justyn’s lovely ensemble tonight comes courtesy of Wegmans, which is the closest thing I had to a brown paper bag.

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