trouble begins with “d”

His intended wig isn’t here yet (I’m hoping for a delivery tomorrow), so he’s still playing the role of anti!Justyn. To add to that, I took him out onto the stairway landing today to grab a few more photos using natural light instead of artificial. It suits him well enough!

Definitely need to get him an appropriate eye patch soon. Ideally, I would want something like the patch included with the DollHeart “Fallen Princess” set. Unfortunately for me, I wouldn’t have any use for the rest of the outfit, I doubt anyone would want to give up just the stupid little square of fabric with ribbons, and the set’s sold out anyway. I should try just making my own; even for a complete sewing klutz like me, it can’t be that hard to make. Maybe I should make two, one plain and one with a heart on it. ♥

Augh, I love him, but that wig needs to go. XD

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