Two Note Wonder

Playing around with Joce.

Some weeks back, I traded Dom’s old Isao body to someone on Den of Angels and got this body in exchange. It’s a B-11 split torso one with double-jointed elbows, which I’ve been wanting for him for a while.

A previous owner had coated it, and whatever sealant they used was splotchy in some places and extremely thick in others, so it took a lot of scrubbing to finally get it all (or at least mostly) off. I don’t really care for the feel of resin when it’s sealed, so none of my dolls are coated. Does that make me weird? (Or a bad doll owner?)

In these shots, he also has a heavily sanded Luts s-hook holder on his neck to lengthen it and boost his head up a little without doing a permanent mod. His Heart head was designed for SD13 boy bodies, so the neck hole is a little large for an SD10 body and the head sits lower than might be ideal. I don’t know if I’ll keep it as-is, adjust it a little more, or figure out something else.

Hmm. He’s cute, anyway, bobble-headed or not.

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