That Mew You Do

Joce wearing cat ears is admittedly pretty cliché at this point, but I had this velvet*paw top hanging around that I couldn’t quite figure out how to style any other way. I also just needed something quick and easy to shoot that I could finish without getting too bogged down, as usually happens with my larger sets.

Of course, I still took forever to get even this little thing done…

Fuzzy Hat, Cozy Cat

Joce has a lot of headwear with cat ears.

This is one of them.

Sequins of Events

It all started with this glittery kitty hat…

Sweet Candy Sailor

Odds of me getting more cutesy sailor suits for Joce after this set? They’ve shot way, way up. It’s the type of outfit that works perfectly for him, especially when paired with cat-eared hats of any sort.

Faux Real Coziness

Fo’ real, though — it’s one cozy outfit. Mori styles aren’t always a go-to for Joce, but he looks fantastic in them whenever the mood hits.

This set took me so long to finish that the seasons wrapped around from fall weather when I first laid it out, all the way through sweltering summer, and back to winter, where it finally feels appropriate again.